Our Approach

The Language Lab devotes the utmost care and attention to ensuring that every translation meets the very highest standards. This involves taking the following steps in relation to each assignment.

Preliminary Questions

We begin by asking: Who is the target audience? What level of quality is required? And does the client have any special glossaries or reference materials available?

Selection of Translator(s)

We work solely with first-rate translators, experienced professionals who know all the ins and outs of their field. Finding the right translator for the job is crucial to the quality of the finished product.


Once we have found the perfect translator, we will provide a briefing, including translation instructions and any reference materials that may be available. The more background information the translator has, the higher the quality of the translation will be.

Translation & Editing

The translator is responsible for preparing and editing the first version of the translation. Where possible, translation tools are used to guarantee consistency. Next, a reviser will take over. He or she will check the translation thoroughly to make sure that the text flows smoothly and will rectify any errors. At this point we will contact the client if we have any questions about terminology.

As our client, you will always have a single contact person, so that you never have to explain the same thing twice or worry about your instructions being neglected.

The following guiding principles ensure that every translation meets the very highest standards:

Quality Our translations are produced by qualified translators who are specialised in the relevant field(s).
Reliability Our translations accurately and faithfully reproduce the source text without being overly 'literal'.
Accuracy We check our translations to ensure grammatical correctness and terminological consistency.
Speed Since we begin right away, we are able to guarantee extremely quick delivery.
Availability Thanks to efficient planning and extensive backup arrangements, we always have translation capacity available.
Trust We always keep our word.

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