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While translation work accounts for the bulk of our business, we also provide a number of additional services, including: copywriting (in multiple languages), editing & and text correction and multilingual DTP services.

We can assist you with any type of language-related questions. Click on the following links to find out more.

Special Projects

There are certain projects that require a different approach than the more straightforward assignments. Consider for instance the organisation and expertise required to translate a complex database, produce a specialist dictionary or translate a slogan into 20 different languages. This is where the added value offered by a professional translation agency truly comes to the fore. Through the years we have established an excellent track record in tackling complex projects, adapting our approach time and time again and rising to each individual challenge. Call +31 20 5141560 to discuss your project with one of our project managers - and find out what The Language Lab can offer you.

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We offer a competitive volume discount for texts with a word count exceeding 10,000 words.

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We employ a team of passionate in-house language professionals, each with their own specialization. They are backed up by a wide network of carefully selected freelance translators and editors. Together we provide the best possible translation of your texts.

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